Greening the BQE

Resisting a discussion of the problem of using “green” as a verb, I’ll just re-blog the Architect’s Newspaper post on the future of the 6-lane Brooklyn-Queens Expressway:

There are three alternatives on the table presented to interested community members by Landscape Architects Starr Whitehouse, beginning with “Maximum Green.” Not sure yet if I love or hate this tagline. I’m leaning towards the latter, because the plan is mostly a road diet strategy.

Each design uses vegetation and “streetscape improvements” to respond to community concerns about air and noise pollution as safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The project would affect the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Columbia Street Waterfront.

Anyhow aside from Maximum Green, alternatives also include: “Connections” and the “Dream Scheme.” They must have been working really late when they decided to share these titles with the public. The Dream Scheme is termed as such because it is the most complicated and expensive of the three. It could run around $82.7 million as opposed to an estimated $10.7 to 18.7 million for more basic interventions.

"Green Canopy" proposal for the BQE (Courtesy Starr Whitehouse)

Rendering of the DREAM SCHEME for the BQE. Courtesy of Starr Whitehouse via the Architect’s Newspaper

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